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Terms and Agreements

The Buyer MUST meet and agree to all of the terms and conditions listed herein. Therefore, submitting an order here signifies that you have read, agree to and meet all criteria listed below.
Credit card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to FALSELY USE A CREDIT CARD NUMBER. A tracking mechanism is in place and will use all means available to prosecute persons attempting fraud to the fullest extent of the law. If Buyer provides a billing address that does not match the billing address on the bank records, orders will NOT be honored. In addition, orders cannot be placed by third parties; if the name on the credit card does not match the name of the person placing the order, the order will be voided.
Buyer agrees that:

* They are at least 21 years old,
* They are not a law enforcement officer, government employee or associated with a government agency in any way or are not buying any product as instructed to do so by any government agency,
they will accept full responsibility for: personal injury damages, lost profits, or revenues, punitive damages, loss of the use of any equipment, products or property caused by the purchase or usage of any product from Seller nor hold Seller, or anyone associated with it, responsible for any losses, expenses or damage resulting from the unsafe, improper, or illegal use, or unintended use of any product provided by Seller,
* They will not attempt to hold Seller liable for anything that may happen to a shipment while in route,
* They are responsible for checking and abiding by all the local, state and federal laws in the area in which they reside; Seller is not responsible for knowing any laws pertaining to the buyer’s area of residence. Seller’s products are void where prohibited.
* Consult a health practitioner before using any product or changing prescribed medication.

Once a package has been shipped, we can no longer vouch for the contents. Therefore, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS.