Maca (Lepidium Meyenii )



If what you need is a really good boost, try our Maca! This amazing herb will increase your physical resistance and stamina; it will lead you to feel tireless, good-humoured and even provide with you with mental alertness and clarity.
Maca has been used for centuries in the Andes, but it has recently been discovered that it is an excellent substitute to anabolic steroids. Athletes throughout the world use it to restore their adrenal glands and get a nice adrenaline boost.
It’s absolutely safe! No side-effects whatsoever! In fact, the more you have, the better.
Maca is also an incredible source of vitamins, nutrients and aminoacids. It is used in the treatment of chronic fatigue and to improve sexual performance.
Even if you feel fine, it’s worth trying it!

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Due to the multiple benefits Maca provides mainly in the health of the elderly, children, sportspeople and the adult in general, we can claim:
Maca is ideal for sportspeople since it helps them recover their energy and relieve tiredness. The high percentage of sugar and carbohydrates of Maca, make it an energizer, revitalizer and natural invigorator for sportspeople.
Since Maca contains a high percentage of calcium, it is a good reconstituent for elderly people, due to the fact that it strengthens bones. It also improves anaemic and convalescent people’s health. It helps women go through menopause.
The Zinc in Maca favours and improves the oxygenation of muscle tissue.
The Iodine in Maca favours the strengthening and growth of bones and it strengthens bones in elderly people and adults. It prevents osteoporosis and relieves pain in the bones.
Similarly, Maca facilitates hair growth, preventing baldness and providing vitality to the scalp.
Maca is recommended for sportspeople due to their high nutritional requirements. Maca contains 31 mineral apart from high-quality vitamins and proteins, but it is the phytochemical complexes that make it so effective in improving performance in sports. Maca contains different compounds like glucosinolatos, terpenoides, alkaloids, tannins, saponines , fatty acids, sterols, etc.
Besides, Maca has extraordinarily benefitial effects on the overall state of health. It increases alertness, improves concentration and memory.
It reduces stress significantly, increasing vigour at the same time, endurance to fatigue and energy, favouring an excellent mood.
Although the benefits of Maca start by having 1 gram daily, it is recommended that sportspeople have 1-4 spoonfuls a day, that is to say, from 15 to 60 grams daily, according to each person’s convenience.
It has been proved that Maca consumption has led bodybuilders to increase their muscle tone without the undesired effects of anabolic steroids.


You can have as much as a pound of fresh fruit or dried Maca root a day.
The dried fruit powder can be stirred into juice, water or smoothies: 2 teaspoonfuls of root powder are about 5.5 g.


MACA ROOT RAW POWDER: Maca Root Raw Powder is generally used as in ingredient in the preparation of food and pastries, although it is also consumed directly.

MACA ROOT PRE-TOASTED POWDER O INSTANT: Instant Maca or Maca Root Pre-toasted is consumed directly. No cooking is necessary. Easy to digest.

MACA JELLO: Easy to digest; particularly good for delicate stomachs, children and elderly people.


MACA LIQUID EXTRACT (Syrup): Concentrate in Syrup type. 100% pure Maca in liquid extract form, drinkable


MACA AND COCOA (CHOCOMACA): Maca in powder mixed with cocoa powder. Delicious and ideal for all the family.

MACA FORCE (Maca + Quinoa + Kiwicha + Algarrobina + Kañihua): A Super-breakfast, nutritious for children, young people, adults and sportsman.

MACA CHIPS: Snacks ready to take on rides, prepared as flakes from Maca, Quinoa Kiwicha, Tarwi, and Carob Tree. Ideal for camping and travelling.

MACA NECTAR: (Energizing drink in bottles): Bottled drink, ready to drink as a refreshment made from Maca extract.



MACA BARS: combined with Quinoa, Kiwicha and Flexseed.


MACA PILLS(600 mg and 800 mg)

Maca Powder is an ideal product to combine in all possible ways and tastes. It only depends on imagination and the chef’s taste.

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