Suma (Pfaffia paniculata)



Suma known as the Brazilian Ginseng, Suma is an example of a highly beneficial rainforest plant that has many applications and clinical research to validate its uses. It is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Called “para todo” (for all things), Suma has been used as a regenerative tonic, to treat chronic fatigue and exhaustion, as a sexual stimulant and to enhance the immune system among other things.
Suma has also been called “The Russian Secret” as it has been taken by Russian Olympic athletes for many years and has been reported to increase muscle-building and endurance without the side effects of steroids.
It is a great calming herb that will give you energy over time instead of short term like most stimulants.

Additional information


The traditional remedy is prepared with a standard decoction with 10 g of suma root boiled in a liter of water; two cups of the decoction are generally taken daily.