Valeriana (Valeriana officinalis)



Valerian Root has long been used for anxiety, restlessness and sleeping problems. It has also been used for conditions such as headaches, depression, arrhythmia and trembling. Preparations for use on the skin have been used to treat sores and acne. As a drink, Valerian is used for digestive problems, flatulence, heart failure, urinary tract disorder and angina.
Several scientific studies have shown that Valerian improves the quality of sleep and reduces sleep latency (the time to fall asleep) particularly in poor sleepers. Its effects increase over four weeks.
Other studies have reported benefits in reducing anxiety symptoms. Valerian is used in combination with other herbs like Passionflower to treat anxiety.

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Additional information


Studies report that Valerian is generally well tolerated for up to four to six weeks in recommended doses. It has occasionally been reported to cause headaches, excitability, stomach upset, dizziness and low body temperature.
Use with caution if driving or operating heavy machinery.


The usual dosage for Valerian root for treatment of insomnia ranges from 3 to 6 grams before going to sleep.


Not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women.