Blueberry (Vaccninium Mytrllus)



The Blueberry is a “superfruit” also called “fruit of the 21st century” due to its antibiotic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Its fruits are red (bitter blueberry or cranberry) or blue (sweet blueberry), depending on the species.
They are very tasteful and can be used as fresh food without being washed or peeled. They don’t have palpable seeds . Blueberries can be used in sweet and salty dishes, hot or cold, in juices, ice-creams and pastries in general and even in salads.
The blueberry has natural pigments (anthocyane and carotenoid) of anti-oxidant action. They neutralize the action of free radicals which are harmful for the body, producing diverse physiological effects: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

– It enhances the immune system and the body defenses and helps to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.
– It prevents urinary infections
– It helps to reduce foul smell in urine, burns when urinating, the number of blocked catheters , calcium in urine and skin damage around supra-pubic catheters.
– Due to its high anti-oxidant power, it increases the level of HDL, good cholesterol.
– It helps to reduce gastro-intestinal problems
– It reduces the risk of developing cancer
– It contains large quantities of “quercetin”, famous for reducing the risk of prostate, colon and breast cancer.
– It protects teeth from any bacterial adherence, preventing the development of cavities and helping the formation of collagen.

Additional information

Nutritional value

Content for 100 grams of edible substanceContenido
(Approximate values. There may be slight variations
depending on the origin and variety analyzed.).
Water(g) ——————87.4
Proteins (g)—————- 0.3
Fibres (g) ——————1.7
Calories (kcal) ————-42
Vitamin A (UI) ————-30
Vitamin B1 (mg) ———–0.014
Vitamin B2 (mg) ———–0.0024
Vitamin B6 (mg) ———–0.012
Vitamin C (mg) ————12
Nicotinic acid (mg) ———0.2
Pantothenic Acid (mg)—— 12
Sodium (mg)—————- 2
Potassium (mg) ————-72
Calcium (mg) —————14
Magnesium (mg) ————6
Manganese (mg) ————0.5
Iron (mg) ——————-0.5
Copper (mg) —————0.26
Phosphorus (mg)———– 10
Chloride (mg) ————–4