Inka Berrie (Physalis peruviana)



GOLDEN BERRIE, INKA BERRIE OR AGUAYMANTO (Physalis peruviana) has been used for centurias as a medicinal herb for its natural and nutritious properties. The fruit of this bush is very rich in Vitamin A (carotene) Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Vitamin B complex (thiamine, niacin and B12). It also has exceptionally high levels of protein, phosphorus and iron. Inka Berrie has antioxidant properties and it is helpful in improving vision, skin. In folk medicine, Inka Berrie has been used to treat cancer, malaria, asthma, hepatitis, dermatitis and rheumatism. It enhances the immune system and prevents bones diseases.
It is recommended for diabetics and for people undergoing treatment for prostate problems thanks to its diuretic properties. It is used as a natural sedative for its high content of flavonoids.

Just eat our Inka Berrie as a snack or use them in desserts and start nurturing your body and feeling livelier and stronger.

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