Irvingia Gabonensis bark



We all know that losing weight involves a great deal of sacrifice, and that sometimes, no matter what we do, there are a few kilos that just won’t go away!
We have some very good news for you! Irvingia Gabonensis fights fat like no other drug has ever done it before!

Leptin is a hormone that tells our brain we are no longer hungry and it also induces a process by which fat stored in cells is broken down. As we grow older, our cells and our appetite control center become “leptin resistant”. This means that leptin is unable to regulate body weight effectively. Irvingia Gabonenesis reverses Leptin resistance making our fat cells skinny!
Irvingia Gabonensis also limits the amount of sugar that is converted into fat, thus acting as a fat inhibitor. It limits carbohydrates absorption.

Irvingia Gabonensis also promotes our body’s ability to respond to insulin and enhances cardiovascular conditionsIt has already been demonstrated that Irvingia reduces type 2 diabetes and helps patients lose weight.

Reports show that people can lose weight both rapidly and effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Try Irvingia Gabonensis now and start losing those undesired extra kilos!